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Is the Anti-Immigration law in Arizona a violation of Civil Rights due to the potential for racial profiling of non-whites?

Monday, May 24, 2010

So not only is White America all for Racial profiling... Lets add child abuse, violence towards women, religious oppression (notice her booking number... If Dora is a Satanist, we surely cannot allow any law enforcement agency to discriminate against that, right?), and police brutality to the list.

This cartoon is wrong on so many levels. And it won an award??? This was racist BEFORE the law was passed in AZ... So wrong... So sad for you Americans who find this funny.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Damn... Could have said any better?

Could it have been said any better? My only regret is that I am such a slave to my work that i could not have been there...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arizona Bans Teaching "Ethnic Culture" Classes in Public Schools... Whats next? A State Sized Dome to Keep People from Turning Brown???

You have to be kidding me Arizona? This cannot be true. Your legalization of racial profiling has not even been enacted and you are already going after the non-white children of your state? Guess who those children are? YOUR future governors, senators, representatives, mayors, city councils!!! How can you exclude any ethnic group from your public school curriculums? Is it really what is best for your state? If you guys were not going down the drain; you definitely are now!
Let me tell you something. The History of the World is about oppression. The History of America's longest chapter is about OPPRESSION! From Christopher Columbus slaughtering Natives, Pilgrims murdering and infecting Natives with small pox, Africans being brought to America and forced into slavery, the descendants of those Africans being lynched for well over another century after they were set free, Western settlers raping and murdering Mexicans who were driven from the land that we now call California-Nevada-Colorado-New Mexico-Texas-ARIZONA, the descendants of those aforementioned slavea and lynched Africans being denied rights based on the color of their skin, women and gays being denied rights!!! Did I leave anyone out, I'm sure I did because that is how much oppression this land has seen.
But enough of this rant for now... Let us look at the newest racism to come from the state of Arizona... (Words in CAPS and Bold are actual text from the bill)

Seriously? I have taken Ethnic culture classes at all levels of my education. I have taken "Black Thought", "Ethnic Thought" "Asian American Lit", "Native American Studies", "Latin American studies", "Gay Culture". Not one of these classes EVER promoted the overthrow of the US Government. These classes were at both High School and College level. Show me!

Never part of any curriculum I have ever studied. Opinions are going to be based on an individual basis on experiences and education... Something this bill is supposed to promote!

3. ARE DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR PUPILS OF A PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP. I, as a Latino, never felt that any Ethnic history or culture class was not for me. Nor did I ever feel excluded because of my race.


So, we should not identify with those who hold similar ideals? We should be on our own. I'm sorry Arizona, but I do not think I want to be a Latino individual in YOUR state. My American ass might end up in an ICE detention center for forgetting my "freedom papers".


Again can someone please show me the curriculum or textbook that excluded other students from a public school curriculum? Doesn't this contradict the law banning ethnic studies anyways? Who writes this shit?


Okay, so you guys have not fully been influenced by the Police state of Iran (Yes, I just compared Arizona to Iran) at least you still recognize that the Holocaust still happened... for now. What about the genocide of the native Americans? The Mexicans? The African Americans? The assassinations of our Civil Rights leaders like Dr. King and Harvey Milk? Will these be part of the curriculum? I doubt it, I had to seek out this knowledge... often times paying expensive tuition to learn of these events. I want to see your curriculum... I doubt these events are portrayed very extensively or at all in your history books, Arizona.

Am I reading the rest of this bill right? Does this bill advocate corporal punishment and physical force against students? What do you think is going to happen in Arizona? WOW.

I cannot see how banning ethnic culture classes in Arizona is going to benefit anyone in that state. I want to see the history and culture books you are going to use that will be beneficial to the students of Arizona, white and non-white alike. You know what the people of Arizona are going to be like without learning about other cultures and having the state pick and choose its truths? Well... I guess... much like the people who are in charge now.

American history did not start when Columbus "discovered" America. Her history is richer than that. America's history dates back to Ancient Egyptians, European Kingdoms, Roman Empires, tribesman and kingdoms of Africa, Asian Dynasties, Spanish Conquistadors, Aztecs, Jesus Christ, Buddah, Muhammad, Abraham, Allah/God. All of these and many more are part of what makes America so great. None of the cultures in America are any better than the rest. We are all part of what makes America so great. We have a rich history and if YOU do not like it Arizona, go ahead and go away. We will not miss you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Immigrants in Our Own Land

Immigrants in Our Own Land

We are born with dreams in our hearts,

looking for better days ahead.

At the gates we are given new papers,

our clothes are taken

and we are given overalls like mechanics wear.

We are given shots and doctors ask questions.

Then we gather in another room

where counselors orient us to the new land

we will now live in. We take tests.

Some of us were craftsmen in the old world,

good with our hands and proud of our work.

Others were good with their heads.

They used common sense like scholars

use glasses and books to reach the world.

But most of us didnít finish high school.

The old men who have lived here stare at us,

from deep disturbed eyes, sulking, retreated.

We pass them as they stand around idle,

leaning on shovels and rakes or against walls.

Our expectations are high: in the old world,

they talked about rehabilitation,

about being able to finish school,

and learning an extra good trade.

But right away we are sent to work as dishwashers,

to work in the fields for three cents an hour.

The administration says this is temporary

so we go about our business, blacks with blacks,

poor whites with poor whites,

chicanos and indians by themselves.

The administration says this is right,

no mixing of cultures, let them stay apart,

like in the old neighborhoods we came from.

We came here to get away from false promises,

from dictators in our neighborhoods,

who wore blue suits and broke our doors down

when they wanted, arrested us when they felt like,

swinging clubs and shooting guns as they pleased.

But itís no different here. Itís all concentrated.

The doctors donít care, our bodies decay,

our minds deteriorate, we learn nothing of value.

Our lives donít get better, we go down quick.

My cell is crisscrossed with laundry lines,

my T-shirts, boxer shorts, socks and pants are drying.

Just like it used to be in my neighborhood:

from all the tenements laundry hung window to window.

Across the way Joey is sticking his hands

through the bars to hand Felipe a cigarette,

men are hollering back and forth cell to cell,

saying their sinks donít work,

or somebody downstairs hollers angrily

about a toilet overflowing,

or that the heaters donít work.

I ask Coyote next door to shoot me over

a little more soap to finish my laundry.

I look down and see new immigrants coming in,

mattresses rolled up and on their shoulders,

new haircuts and brogan boots,

looking around, each with a dream in his heart,

thinking heíll get a chance to change his life.

But in the end, some will just sit around

talking about how goodÝ the old world was.

Some of the younger ones will become gangsters.

Some will die and others will go on living

without a soul, a future, or a reason to live.

Some will make it our of here with hate in their eyes,

but so very few make it out of here as human

as they came in, they leave wondering what good they are now

as they look at their hands so long away from their tools,

as they look at themselves, so long gone from their families,

so long gone from life itself, so many things have changed.

Jimmy Santiago Baca

Seattle PD assault on Latino male

The recent assault by a Seattle PD Police officer on an unarmed latino male was completely uncalled for. I hope that a full investigation is completed and if what happened was what appears on the tape; then I hope that the officer is fired and is charged with the assault. I understand that the men were suspects because they fit the description but I thought that we were innocent until proven guilty! The guy did not deserve to be talked to the way he did or be physically assaulted.

Thankfully, a brave citizen recognized what was happening and got it on tape. I wonder if Detective Shandy Cobane’s apology was because he genuinely felt remorse for what he did or he felt remorse that he was caught on tape. Shandy... maybe he has a complex because of his name... Another thing that truly bothered me was the calmness of the officers at the scene. No one intervened or told Officer Cobane to calm down or to stop his actions. This shows that this was nothing new or shocking about it. Their body language never even changed during the assault. They need to be charged as well. The potential suspects were at a disadvantage and were lying on their stomachs in the prone position. Cobane’s actions were not needed, nor were his words. Why call him a homey? Because he was Mexican? The word HOMEY was just as racist as the rest of what he said. I would expect a lot more professionalism from a 15 year veteran of the force. If a mexican or black citizen would have done this to another citizen or a police officer... they would be in jail this minute!!!
Where is COBANE? He is still working in a "Reassigned" role and collecting a paycheck. He needs to be sitting in a jail cell with the rest of the officers who were present. Let his mother or wife come bail him out and have his kids in the car... maybe THEN he will see what he has done. With the anti-Latino sentiment spreading through this country, this could have not come at a worse time for him or the Seattle Police Department.

UPDATE: 13May2010...

As it turns out, the second officer involved Officer Mary Woollum (the female that stomped on the VICTIMS legs) has been investigated in the past for a severe beating of a homeless minority... I couldn't find the picture but they showed it on the news here in Seattle last night and they messed this guy up pretty bad... he almost died, the report said. If I had to guess from the picture... he was either Native American, Latino, Asian or Pacific Islander... thats how disfigured his face was... AND this Cop has gone on to become a field training officer!!! So this lady is teaching the newest members of the Seattle PD how to discriminate and assault minorities in the name of the city and the law!!!! Its a history with her... this is twice that she has been caught! How many other times has it happened???
If I were a member of the Seattle PD, I would be spilling some beans about what is really going on, only THEN may the citizens of Seattle start to feel safe. There are some good cops in the Seattle PD... I know personally... but this is not good for the good cops OR the people of Seattle.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arizona Law = Jim Crow... Great Commentary from a Classmate of ours...

>>>Do we spot an illegal immigrant by the way they dress, speak, and/or act in a public setting? What assumptions do we make in order to determine that they ARE un-documented? The reason why I am equating this bill with the Jim Crow system is because POLICE ARE USING THE SAME SYSTEM TO IDENTIFY A BLACK PERSON TO DETERMINE IF THEYRE FREED SLAVES OR RUNAWAY SLAVES. I have spoken with descendants of slaves in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia. So therefore, the way I equated the bill with this system IS valid. Oftentimes, whites will stop Black men and Black women in a public setting thinking they are runaway slaves. And oftentimes if they can't prove it or they don't have their FREEDOM PAPERS with them, they will be prosecuted or beaten. So therefore, their "FREEDOM PAPERS" have to be with them AT ALL TIMES or they risk being thrown back into slavery. SO IN ORDER TO AVOID PROSECUTION. DO HISPANICS HAVE TO CARRY PROPER DOCUMENTS WITH THEM NOW AT ALL TIMES TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE LEGAL ALIENS?

>>>So yes, I am UNEDUCATED, I am IGNORANT, I am MIS-INFORMED. And I, along with many MINORITIES, are prominent LIARS and WE always make baseless allegations of Racism, and the narratives of slaves that have been erased in our history is NOT REAL. And this Arizona Bill is not UNJUST in order to keep these Mother fuckin' Bottom Feeders off "YOUR-Diverse-Everyone-is- Welcoming-COUNTRY." And the US policing system HAS been entirely reformed since slavery… in your white eyes at least. (Read Kristian Williams' "Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America"--- I know you won't because I's un-Educated)

>>>To say the least, the bill's aim is to "identify", prosecute, and deport illegal immigrants. The question is: how will Arizona identify illegal immigrants? That's right… I forgot… the same way law enforcement nationwide has inefficiently identified every Black men & women as runaway slaves when proper document is lacking- the same way law enforcement has inefficiently indentified Black, Brown, and Native men of today with the preconceived notion that they're all criminals until proven innocent.

>>>Remember this: YOU DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Because in reality, you and I know that we middle and upper class people think that these farm jobs are beneath us. This country won't survive without them. Let's say Obama just says: "You white people are right, what was I thinking?… let's haul all of 'em and put these people on produce trucks then drive them to the border"--- Let's just see if your Mammy will be on her knees for 12 hours or more a day in Washington or California farms harvesting potatoes, or picking apples and cherries on orchards. So before you say grace- make sure to Thank the Hispanic people that harvested that lettuce and tomato in your salad.

>>>Since our job as people of color is to make you feel comfortable, It would probably be easier for you if you heard a white man saying what minorities have been saying regarding Racism, so I recommend you read WHITE LIKE ME by an antiracist named TIM WISE. (Again, Tim Wise might not be real "cus Im not learnin nuttin' in da skool house.")

>>>His words would carry more validity, because afterall- I AM un-EDUCATED and "Im not knowin' nothin better then jes cause all these rawkus on white folks." Thank You. Have a Nice Day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama rips Arizona + Myths and Misconceptions

Here is the link:

I don't think its a coincidence that the city councils of Tuscon and Flagstaff oppose this law. They know the racial sentiments in their state. They know that without the Latino community, their state would not survive. I think its funny that the only people that have addressed this law as not being racist are white people. Sure, biased news sites have found Latinos in Arizona that support the law... one only wonders how much these people were paid to get on camera.

One person, that is a very dear friend of mine. Stated that SHE could be racially profiled. Now, she is a blond hair, blue eyed caucasian from rural Pennsylvania/New York. I couldn't help but laugh. She then called me a racist! Oh, the irony!!!

You know what else is Ironic. Mexicans are native to the Southwest and notably... Arizona! Yet, THEY are the immigrants.

I do however agree that Immigration needs to be reformed... But not like this. Not at the expense of people's civil and human rights... American's civil and human rights! Why should anyone pass a law that will force an American to go through undue scrutiny and hardship to prove that they are Americans.

I don't plan on ever visiting Arizona again. BUT should I get pulled over because I have a shaved head, sun glasses, tattoos, and a nice car... and I look like I may be Latino. The police will get my drivers license and insurance but that is it. I refuse to speak to anyone that would enforce such a blatant act of discrimination.

And to anyone reading this. Don't think that your family and those in your community cannot be targeted next. This is just one step in a plan to restore segregation and discrimination in the United States. I can see Jim Crow now. He is on his way back and his first stop is Arizona.

Here are some links to various websites on Immigration myths... Please do some research and form an opinion for yourselves. Do not give in to this racism that has seperated our country for so long.