Is the Anti-Immigration law in Arizona a violation of Civil Rights due to the potential for racial profiling of non-whites?

Monday, May 24, 2010

So not only is White America all for Racial profiling... Lets add child abuse, violence towards women, religious oppression (notice her booking number... If Dora is a Satanist, we surely cannot allow any law enforcement agency to discriminate against that, right?), and police brutality to the list.

This cartoon is wrong on so many levels. And it won an award??? This was racist BEFORE the law was passed in AZ... So wrong... So sad for you Americans who find this funny.


  1. you know...I have seen many pictures profiling white people or Asians or any others for that matter. You all laugh at those, but when something like this goes up??? OMG you are all racist bastards. I for one can laugh at this for what it was intended. A joke! Dora is annoying anyways lol.

  2. These are the best artistic posters against the Racist Laws of Arizona ( according to my criterion or standard of judgement ) :

    Photos of Art : Interesting Posters against the Racist Laws of Arizona - Beautiful, Funny and very Smart

    Vicente Duque

  3. The Chicago City Council has approved a resolution calling for the city to boycott business with Arizona. The City Council's 46-3 vote endorses a resolution urging City Hall not to do business in the future with Arizona

    Chicago Illinois : City council agrees to Arizona-based business ban

    Amid comparisons to the laws in Nazi Germany that preceded the Holocaust, the Chicago City Council agreed Wednesday to stop doing business with Arizona-based companies to protest that state’s tough new immigration law.

    Cook County ( comprising Chicago Illinois ) had already boycotted Arizona and recommended not to visit that State.

    San Jose California : City Council votes 9-2 : denounces Arizona law, prohibits business trips by city employees to Arizona and supports legal challenges to SB1070 - Amherst, Massachusetts boycotts Arizona

    These are the last additions to Condemnations and Boycotts of Arizona.

    Recently : Los Angeles County, Cook County ( comprises Chicago Illinois ), Bloomington Indiana and Calexico California have boycotted Arizona.

    Growing list of City Boycotters and City Condemners of Arizona : Austin TX, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Boulder CO, Columbus OH , El Paso TX, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Los Angeles CA, Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Richmond CA, San Diego CA, San Pablo CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, West Hollywood CA, etc ...

    Arizona Cities : Opposition to SB1070 from Flagstaff, Tucson and Nogales, Grave Worries expressed by City Councils of Bisbee and Sedona, Mayor of Phoenix opposes this law.

    Vicente Duque